Company Profile

Corporate Culture

Colour:the logo is expressed in blue, and this colour stands for the power of technology and industry, meaning that Yuanda is under the guidance of science and technology and shoulders a task to prosper the national industry.

Letter: the letters CNYD stand for “Yuanda China”, meaning that Yuanda China will have a brilliant future, also meaning that Yuanda aims to be the leading enterprise in the curtain wall industry with its strong determination and lofty ambition.

Design:the design of Yuanda stands for a tercel soaring into the sky, meaning that Yuanda will at all times, stride fast for the world’s highest level, while taking the lead in the curtain wall industry; also, this design is composed of three “V”s, which is the capital letter of “victory”, meaning that it will represent the shareholders and employees  benefits to the most extent, and indicating its wish of fighting for the fulfillment of the “Global Family ” together with its shareholders and employees.

Business Concepts-- Ideas Change the World; Services Create Value

Ideas Change the World
It means to hold and control the overall development of the enterprise with the reformative mind and innovative working method; promote the spirits of self-reliance, pioneering, innovation, keen learner and solidarity inside Yuanda; and integrate these spirits into the enterprise as the exhaustless motive for its operation and development.

Services Create Value
“Value” means on one hand, to create value for customers by the quality products and perfect service system to their satisfaction; on the other hand, to create value for the enterprise itself through promoting and improving its brand competitive capacity by transferring the customers  satisfaction into the public sustaining reliance and attention to the enterprise and its products.

Enterprise Motto --To do things honestly; To treat people sincerely; To understand causes and results; To unify theory and practice.

To do things honestly
“To do things honestly”, when it comes to the manufacture of products, it means “to produce products with sound quality and never do shoddy work and use inferior materials”; for the management, it means “to do the management work well and never smooth the differences at the expense of principle”; for the services, it means “to provide the services prior to the clients needs”.

To treat people sincerely
“To treat people sincerely”, when it comes to the external relations, it means to operate the business in good faith and to treat the clients and suppliers sincerely; for the internal, it means to trust the colleagues and treat them fairly; for the investors, it means to treat the shareholders frankly and sincerely.

To understand causes and results
“To understand causes and results”, on one hand, it means to do right things by bravely exploring in the work and seeking for the ideal and direction so as to improve the efficiency of work; and on the other hand, it means to do things correctly by finding out the best method to resolve the problems in the work so as to improve the work efficiency.

To unify theory and practice
“To unify theory and practice”, firstly it means that the “practice” goes ahead of “theory”, and the practice is the first, no practice no gain; secondly it means that the “theory” shall guide the “practice”, and works should be carried out under the correct guideline; thirdly it means that the practice should conform with the theory and we should fit our deeds to our words.

Development Strategies - Independent Brand, Independent Intellectual Property, Independent Marketing Network

Independent Brand
“Independent Brand” means making the brand the symbol of the company strength, increasing the company value and improving the company image through branding, as well as raising the company competitive strength through brand promotion, so as to create the brand effect.

Independent Intellectual Property
“Independent Intellectual Property” referred by Yuanda means that Yuanda insists on independently developing and researching products through the guide of technology and the conception of innovation, and uses the technical strength to give fresh impetus to the development of the company, so as to obtain the continuous market competitive advantage and maintain the company’s continuous profitability.

Independent Marketing Network
“Independent Marketing Network” referred by Yuanda means establishing its own marketing network, exploiting both the domestic and the international markets for the sales of the products. Yuanda aims at increasing the market share in real terms, realizing high profitability and expanding the company development space by independent market developing.

Management Concepts - Sustainable Development, Circular Improvement, Statistics Analysis, and Continuous Improvement

Yuanda adopts sustainably developing operation mode to maintain its international leading status in the curtain wall industry, and not only maintaining the increase of profitability in the field where it has dominant advantages and future expanding operation environment, but also further increasing its support in the elevator and electromechanical industry, and to promote the constant development and upgrade of the Group overall strength with the management thought of circular improvement and statistics analysis, finally to achieve the enterprise ideal of "Well Organized Yuanda".

Product Concepts -- Service, Quality, Cost

The general principle of Yuanda’s “service, quality, cost” product concepts is: All Yuanda staff should give the first priority to the customers, the second priority for the quality of products, and the third priority for the cost. No one is allowed to change this order of priority. The "service, quality, cost" concept shall be implemented in the following aspects, firstly thinking for the customers, focusing on the customers’ needs, and carrying out business activities based on the customer needs, and secondly recognizing the importance of the quality of products and services for the sustainable development of an enterprise, and cost is taken into account after the above two priorities are respected to achieve a sound development of customers’ interests, product quality and business operation.

Talent Concepts --Judging people on his performance; Talent comes the first

Judging people on his performance
The core philosophy of the talent concept “judging people on his performance” adored by Yuanda is to respect the talents, that is to judge and test a person morality and ability in working practice by providing equal competition chance, rather than to judge one by his diploma or experience. In the appointment and evaluation of staff, the principle of “promoting the capable, replacing the common, and demoting the incapable” is implemented so as to provide the employees with a platform where talented people are gathered and their potential can be utilized to the most and their talents can be fully displayed.

Talent comes the first
Yuanda’s implementation of “talent comes the first” represents its adherence to the concept that the talents are the most important strategic resource for the company development. Yuanda gives strategic priority to the education and training of the talents, and it makes innovations in the employment mechanism and improves the development condition for the talents so as to fully implement the strategy of developing enterprise by talent management.

Culture Concepts -- Respect, Communicate, Understand, Integrate and Pursue

Making efforts to create a “respecting” cultural atmosphere and advocate to establish a business environment where laboring, knowledge, talents and creations are respected.

Making efforts to create a “communicating” cultural atmosphere, and provide a tolerant and fair communication mechanism so as to reduce the communication costs and improve the business operation efficiency.

Making efforts to create an “understanding” cultural atmosphere, and consider things from the other party perspective to better know each other and enhance mutual understanding by close communication whereby a win-win result can be achieved.

Making efforts to create an “integrating” cultural atmosphere, and making efforts to unify the corporate historical cultural background with future development, to integrate the corporate feature with the employee characteristics and to promote the harmonious development between the corporate and the employees as well as between the corporate and the external world.

Making efforts to create a “pursuing” cultural atmosphere, and endeavor to cultivate the employees’ spirits of enterprise and innovation, optimistic life attitude and high ideological level to achieve their own ideal and faith.
Market Concepts -- Identify the customer needs; Create value for the customers ; Provide best services

Yuanda market concept is to integrate the product quality, customer services and marketing. All the works are based on the customer’s needs and interest, and to test the product and service standards of the company with the customer standards, and to realize all the expectations of the customer in all the fields of the company’s business under a perfect product quality and well-developed services system, so that a win-win result for both the company and the customers can be realized.

Wealth Concepts – Wealth means responsibility

Yuanda interpretation of wealth is that properties of this society do not belong to any one, but only can be managed and controlled by people. The wealth will be flowing in only when people undertake their responsibilities to the society and utilize their wisdom, otherwise it never comes. The property belongs to the society and it is a tool producing happiness for people. Human beings are the ones who create and control the wealth rather than the ones who possess them. The people who manage and control the wealth shall be responsible for it.

Corporate Mission

Missions of Yuanda can be summarized as “four missions”, namely missions for the country, for the customers, for the employees and for the shareholders:

For the country:that is to fulfill the due responsibilities and obligations of an enterprise

For the customers:that is to create value for the customers in their interests and to their satisfaction

For the employees:that is to benefit the employees servicing in this company and provide a wide platform for their further development

For the shareholders:that is to create abundant profits for the shareholders so that a win-win result can be achieved for both the investors and the company